The G Blend  (Guatemalan)

The G Blend (Guatemalan)

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Cup Characteristics:   Biscuit, chocolate, brown sugar, jam & ripe berries.

Intensity 4 / 5. 

Introducing the fabulous G Blend using only the finest Guatemalan coffee beans carefully hand sourced from individual farms by Glasgow based coffee importer Javier from Caribbean Goods ( 

Every bag purchased helps plant trees in Guatemala, join us in healing the world. See our previous contribution below, all thanks to all our customers who previously purchased Guatemalan coffee!

Our current G Blend consist of the varieties Humbatz & La Merced - see details below, we'll keep updating this as the blend changes:


A collection of small coffee producers in the northwestern regions known as ' the highlands' of Guatemala regions.  Region: Huehuetenango, Altitude grown: 1,800 - 1,900°

La Merced:

Region: Santa Rosa. Altitude grown: 1,800 - 1,900m

Finca La Merced has been the property of the Alburez Family since 1832. The farm was bought from a religious group called 'Mercy-ous Religious order', where the farm's name 'La Merced' originates. 

Francisco Albuerez passed on the farm to his incredibly hard-working daughter, Maria Albuerez.

During an earthquake in 1976, the village of San Martin Jilotepeque was isolated from the rest of the country due to devastating landslides,  demolishing the farmhouse and church; then, due to civil unrest and conflict breaking in Guatemala, the family had to flee for safety in 1981.

Skip to current times, the family work the land to continue the traditions of all of these generations of their family and way of life. The Albuerez family are dedicated to maintaining traditional farming techniques.

Every year, a percentage of net earnings are invested in the education of the neighbouring communities. Books, notebooks, and teaching materials, among other things to be used in the classrooms, are purchased.

The family help out in the community when it is needed. An example of this is after a tropical storm; the family decided to help financially with the reconstruction of 2 neighbouring families of farmers who lost their homes due to the heavy rainfall and the overflow of the bordering river during storm Agatha (2010).

Fun Fact: Saint Isadore, the farmer, is the patron saint of the region. The local community celebrates this every year on the 15th of May with a big celebration on the farm grounds.