About us

Here at Forth Coffee Roasters, we are a team of passionate coffee lovers all working in tandem to create the freshest, most divine roasted coffee in Scotland. 

We sell our incredible coffee to businesses, local customers and coffee enthusiasts across Scotland.

If you are an Edinburgh coffee shop looking for a fresh new blend of coffee or just an at-home coffee lover wanting to freshen up your stock of coffee beans, Forth Coffee has the perfect premium coffee package for you. 

Check out our coffee for sale to find out more about our freshly roasted coffee beans. 

We also serve freshly roasted cups of artisan coffee at our coffee shop and showroom just outside of Edinburgh. Come find us in Newbridge to see our selection of coffee for yourself


Coffee is Our Passion

We believe that good coffee is an essential part of life and each detail of the coffee-making process can make a difference. 

From the farm, transportation, roasting, packing, and delivery - all of this will impact whether you sit down to an average cup of coffee or a great cup of coffee.

The coffee machine itself also makes a huge difference! To help both business customers and local customers get the most from their coffee beans, Forth Coffee is proud to be a distributor of SanRemo coffee machines, one of the leading coffee machine manufacturers in the UK.

We use this machine ourselves and find the results spectacular.

Forth Coffee is proud to be an artisan coffee roaster, consistently trying to produce the best possible coffee beans for our customers and clients in Scotland.

As true coffee lovers, we are always keen to share our coffee knowledge with our customers. If you have a question, just ask! 


We are the Coffee Experts in Scotland

Our team at Forth Coffee is as diverse as coffee itself.

We know what is needed to make a great-tasting roasted coffee and we all possess a shared desire to continuously improve our coffee and really make the most out of a coffee bean.

All of our coffee is roasted to order, ensuring that you get the freshest possible coffee in Scotland.

We see ourselves as one of the top coffee roasters in Edinburgh, so come on down to our cafe and showroom to try our freshly roasted coffee for yourself while supporting a local Edinburgh business.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of our coffee-related services in more detail.

Phone: 0131 335 0136

Email: coffee@forthcoffee.com