Sanremo - Zoe Vision Traditional Espresso Machine

Sanremo - Zoe Vision Traditional Espresso Machine

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This simple-to-use Sanremo coffee machine is used across the UK in loads of local pubs, coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries. It's one of the best entry-level coffee machines for businesses as it's easy and intuitive to use, simple to clean and maintain and produces quality espresso coffee each and every time.

This stylish Sanremo coffee machine will look amazing on your counter and with the simple, clear shot timer, your staff will have no issue servicing consistently great coffee to your customers. 

What are the features of this Sanremo Coffee Machine?

As one of the best UK coffee machines for business use, the Zoe Vision Espresso coffee machine from Sanremo is packed full of incredible features.

It's simple user interface with reliable and effective shot timers are just some aspects that make this coffee machine stand out from the crowd. 

Other notable features include:

  • A helpful automatic cleaning cycle so that the coffee groups clean automatically.
  • Double reading gauges allows users to control the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure at the same time.
  • Electronic auto-level that probes the boiler and ensures it is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level.
  • LED Lighting of the working area to ensure effective working in any and all lighting conditions.
  • Programmable electronic pre-infusion allows users greater control, with a 0.1-second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed sufficiently.

Technical Data 2 Group 3 Group
Pump Power  (kW) 0.15 0.15
RS boiler capacity  (lt) 1.0 1.5
RS boiler element power  (kW) 1 1.5
Cup heater power  (kW)
Net weight  (Ib/ Kg)
Width  (inches/mm )
Depth   (inches/mm)


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