Rhubarb Rooibos Tea (by The Wee Tea Company)

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“Rhubarb Flavour Rooibos Tea is like a roller coaster ride for your taste buds – it’s the tea that’ll have you saying, “Whee!” with every sip. You could even say it puts the Whee! in Wee Tea Company! With its tangy rhubarb goodness and smooth rooibos base, it’s the kind of tea that could make even a daredevil pause for a moment of tea-fuelled contemplation. So strap on your imaginary seatbelt, hold on tight to your teacup, and let Rhubarb Flavour Rooibos Tea take you on a wild journey of flavour twists and turns. Just remember to keep your arms and legs inside the teacup at all times – we wouldn’t want any tea spillage casualties.”

Each box contains 15 luxurious biodegradable teabags, with premium hand blended tea, from your award winning Wee Tea Company in Dunfermline, Scotland. All teabags are PLA, a bio-sourced material from plant extracts. Enjoy delicious plastic free teabags, proudly served in the finest 5 star locations in the world – including Gleneagles Hotel, Dakota Edinburgh, Caledonian Sleeper, Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Hopetoun House, Signet Library Edinburgh, V&A Dundee and many more incredible venues across the world!

We are proud to announce the Breakfast Blend was the tea of choice being served to guests at the Royal Garden Party Edinburgh 2023 attended by His Royal Highness King Charles.

This stunning tea range has our beautiful environment at its heart:
> Tea (Hand blended fresh by our wee team, locally in Dunfermline, Scotland)
> Teabags (100% biodegradable PLA).
> Box (100% biodegradable cardboard).
> Inner clear bag (100% biodegradable bags).
> Label (100% biodegradable paper).