Sanremo - F18 SB Espresso Coffee Machine

Sanremo - F18 SB Espresso Coffee Machine

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Ultra reliable and quick to set up, the F18 SB Sanremo Espresso Coffee Machine is the ideal coffee machine for restaurants, coffee shops and roasting companies all over the world. If your business is in need of a reliable, robust and speedy coffee machine that produces fantastic results consistently, the F18 SB from SanRemo is for you. 

The multi functional interface makes operating this coffee machine extremely easy. The set up is fast and intuitive and is bound to have your workers loving it's simple use in next to no time. 

The attractive look and design comes from the original F18 SanRemo Coffee machine, showcasing the same strong lines that are highlighted in the die-cast aluminium supports. The machine is study, durable and stylish and will fit in a trendy coffee shop setting or in an establish, high-end restaurant. 

What are features of the F18 SB SanRemo Coffee Machine?

As a premium business coffee machine, the F18 SB comes with all the helpful features your workforce will need to produce high-quality, specially roasted coffee for your clientele. The advanced features include: 

  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle

    Process for the automatic cleaning of the coffee groups

  • Auto Diagnosis

    Maintenance can be scheduled according to liters or the number of coffees dispensed.

  • Auto-on/off

    Programmable on-off timer for each day/or daily timetables

  • Energy Saving System

    Insulation and smart energy management saving up to 30% of energy

  • Competition filters

    exclusive Sanremo Design, with shape and volume designed to capture the best coffee aromas and fragrances.

  • Cool Touch Steam Wands

    Anti-burning feature even with prolonged use, fitted with ‘Latte art’ high-performance steam terminals

  • Easy Access

    Fast access to the internal parts for quick and easy technical service

Technical Data 2 Group 3 Group
220/240 1N
11.9 18.3
Cup heater power  (Kw) 0.2 0.25
Net weight  (Ib/ Kg) 103
Width  (inches/mm )
Depth   (inches/mm)

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