Sanremo - Verona SED Expresso Coffee Machine

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Classic retro design with big steam output and shot timer

The single PID boiler Verona SED is a traditional high-volume commercial espresso machine with an iconic design popular across thousands of restaurants, with Tall version for on-the-go service.

Activated Electronic Pre-infusion

Management of the delayed activation of water solenoid in the first phase of brewing

Automatic Cleaning Cycle

Process for the automatic cleaning of the coffee groups

Double Reading Gauge

Allows you to control the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure at the same time.

E61 Group Head

Exclusive Sanremo design that allows a precise maintenance at the set temperature.

Electronic auto-level

Through an electronic level probe the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level

Glass Level

Allows you to monitor the water level in the boiler

Multi-function display

Allows control with 0.1 second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed with programming of 4 different profiles for each group

Tall Version

Tall version available

Technical Data 2 Group 3 Group
220/240 1N
380/415 3N
12 19
Pump Power  (kW) 0.15 0.15
Net weight  (Ib/ Kg) 187/85
Width  (inches/mm )
Depth   (inches/mm)