Hot Chocolate (Parisian Style)


Introducing a delicious new range of Parisian style hot chocolate flavours:

Choose from – Milk Truffle, Rich & Dark, Dark Orange, French Mint, Salt Caramel, Irish Cream & Velvet White.


Sourced from carefully selected premium chocolate from around the world – these sweet hot chocolate drinks truly taste delicious!

Each bag is 250g and makes at least 8 mugs.

This collection is provided by a world class chocolatier that ultimately puts flavour & high quality at the heart of everything. They have worked with the finest brands in the world, including Buckingham Palace, Harrods and Selfridges. Going back to basics, all these flavours use real chocolate just waiting to be melted. Because of this, these drinks are much more creamy and luxurious than anything you are possibly used to. Recipes are inspired by traditional ‘Parisian Hot Chocolates’ which have traditionally been sold in and among the old street of Paris. As a result, these are blends of real, decadent Belgian chocolate with a little sugar to enhance and bolden the flavour. This is how hot chocolate should be, and we cant wait for you to try these sweet treats.

There is 7 incredible flavours including: Milk Truffle, Rich & Dark, Dark Orange, French Mint, Irish Cream, Salt Caramel & Velvet White.  Each Wee Hot Chocolate pouch contains 250g (roughly 8 portions) and have a shelf life of around 1 year – the chocolate has been finely grated so just melts so easily. What really makes these products stand out though are their ease of use. Many of the other luxury hot chocolates out there take longer to prepare as they don’t melt easily; however these are different as have been so finely grated that they melt into the milk just as easily and quickly as cocoa powder. Simply add the flakes to some hot milk and serve!

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